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CLICK HERE to download the complete SPARC Constitution


Important extracts of the constitution are presented below.


(1) Managing of the society is the responsibility of the SPARC Committee.

(2) Each hospital within Wessex should (as far as possible) have a Local Trust Trainee Lead. This person has the duty of promoting/conducting any SPARC project at their local hospital.

(3) Each trust within Wessex will have a Local Trust Consultant Mentor. The purpose of this consultant is to act as a pillar of stability and continuity in their hospital’s participation with SPARC.

(4) Projects are led by Chief Investigator(s). Projects are led at each hospital by Local Trust Project Leads. Local Project Contributors will help complete the project at their local trust.



(1) Each project will have at least one Chief Investigator(s) to oversee the overall progress of a project. This will usually be the person(s) who proposed the particular project.

(2) Local Trust Trainee Leads will make every effort to conduct the project within their local hospitals.

(3) Local Trust Trainee Leads will appoint Local Project Contributors to help complete the project.

(4) Writing a project report is the responsibility of the Chief Investigator(s)

(5) It is the responsibility of the Chief Investigator(s) to seek feedback from contributors once the data collection process has been completed. The purpose of this feedback is to guide the further development/improvement of the SPARC network.



All members of SPARC must adhere to the following:

(1) All published work will be authored as ‘Named author(s), SPARC collaborators’.

(2) All individuals contributing to the project will be acknowledged.

(3) Named authors include only the Chief Investigator(s) and those Local Trust Leads that contribute significantly to the final published manuscript. Only Chief Investigator(s) can authorise named authorship.

(4) Authorship agreement for each team member must be agreed on entry into the team. The authorship status held by an individual must be stated in the authorship agreement.

(5) Ranking of named authors and contributors

a. Named Authors:

i. Named authors will be listed in order of proportions of workload contributed by each named individual.

b. Contributors:

i. Local Trust Leads are listed first. Names are listed alphabetically according to surnames.

ii. Local Project Contributors are listed second. Names are listed alphabetically according to surnames.

iii. Minor contributors are listed third. Names are listed alphabetically according to surnames.

(6) All contributing collaborators and the SPARC group must be acknowledged in any resulting posters, presentations, publications by the Chief Investigator(s).

(7) Data collected by collaborators may be presented locally. It may also be published as isolated data after agreement from the Chief Investigator(s). The Chief Investigator(s) and the SPARC group must be acknowledged.

(8) Any dispute regarding authorship is to be reported directly to the trustees who with have the authority to arbitrate and if necessary suspend membership.

(9) Appropriate referencing may be made by both the Chief Investigator(s) and collaborators for curriculum vitae purposes.


CLICK HERE to view the full SPARC Constitution