How It Works

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How does it work?

Collaboration is the key! By working together, we the Wessex trainees, can turn local audits, surveys and research projects into robust, comprehensive, deanery wide projects that are far more interesting, representative and potentially publishable.

Why is it better than working by myself?

Project work alone is often lonely, isolating, and you may feel unsupported and unmotivated. We think that SPARC can help with all of this. Working as a team we’ll be able to bounce ideas off one-another and provide support and encouragement.

Also, rather than putting a task off for a week or two you’ll have a group of people eagerly awaiting your valued contributions – that should provide the necessary ‘kick up the backside’!

As team members can divide up the workload you individually should hopefully have to do less whilst ending up with a better project. Also SPARC provides management and leadership opportunities – here is another big tick for your CV!

Expert advice and support

SPARC is privileged enough to enjoy the professional support of Professor Mike Grocott and Dr Mark Edwards. Benefiting from their expert knowledge and research experience we think that SPARC members will learn hands-on about critical appraisal and research methodology.

What about Authorship?

All work published by the group will be authored as ‘Named Authors’ plus ‘SPARC Collaborators’. You, as an individual contributor, will either be named as a SPARC collaborator or if you have contributed significantly to the final manuscript you will become a named author. If the work becomes PubMed catalogued you will be searchable through PubMed ‘Authors’ or ‘Collaborators’ so potentially you’ll end up with a PubMed publication.

For further clarification about authorship please refer to the SPARC constitution.