Current Projects

Intraoperative Oxygenation in Patients undergoing major Surgery

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This snapshot service evaluation will assess the administration and monitoring of oxygen (O2) during major surgery in adult patients. It is a collaboration between the London group “PLAN” and SPARC. Data collection will take place 24-28th APril 2017 across all hospitals in Wessex. For more details contact SPARC or project lead Dr Andrew Cumpstey:




Reducing Phlebotomy Associated Blood Loss

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This pan-Wessex project looks to reduce the phlebotomy associated blood loss in intensive care patients by introducing new blood sampling equipment.




Perioperative Anaemia in Elective Orthopaedic Patients

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This project is looking at the incidence and management of perioperative anaemia in centres across Wessex.



Treating Paediatric Status Epileptics

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Working with our paediatric colleagues we hope to review the management of Paediatric Status Epileptics and see whether we can put systems in place to improve it if necessary.





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