Collaboration is the key!

"By working together Wessex trainees can turn local audits, surveys and research projects into robust, comprehensive, deanery wide projects that are far more interesting, representative and publishable"

What is SPARC?

Rather than doing the solo annual audit project that has small numbers and means little we believe that by collaborating together in different hospitals across the region we can generate large scale, multicentre audit and research projects that are more meaningful.

What do I get out of it?

A chance to work with and network with colleagues to produce meaningful output that is beneficial to the wider medical community and is also good for the CV.

Who can join?

Anyone! We are especially keen to involve foundation doctors with an interest in anaesthetics and ICM (good for core training applications), post primary core trainees and post final speciality trainees.

Other specialities?

Anyone who has an interest in anaesthesia, perioperative medicine or intensive care medicine can join.


Get Involved!

SPARC offers plenty of opportunities for Wessex trainees at any level to get involved with.

There are almost unlimited roles from data gathering and analysis to full project management and leadership. We know you are busy, so be involved as little or as much as you want to be.

To get involved in a regional project that is already up-and-running (see current projects) please contact the Regional Project Lead via e-mail.

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Over the years dozens of trainees have been involved in SPARC projects - here's what they've said...