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Intraoperative oxygenation in adult patients undergoing surgery (iOPS): a retrospective observational study across 29 UK hospitals

Findings: Intraoperative oxygenation currently varies widely. An intraoperative FIO2 of 0.5 currently represents standard intraoperative practice in the UK, with surgical patients often experiencing moderate levels of hyperoxaemia. This differs from both WHO’s recommendation of using an FIO2 of 0.8 intraoperatively, and also, the value most previous interventional oxygen therapy trials have used to represent standard care (typically FIO2 = 0.3). These findings should be used to aid the design of future intraoperative oxygen studies.

Publication – Perioperative Medicine 2018

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Lead authors: Clare M. Morkane, Helen McKenna, Andrew F. Cumpstey, Alex H. Oldman, Michael P. W. Grocott, Daniel S. Martin

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Jamie Plumb, Alexander I. R. Jackson, Erica Jolly, Huw Wilkins, Hannah Wong, Suzanne Shuttleworth, Nick Hayward, J. Joseph Kinsella, Emma Killick, Tom Daubeny, Philip McGlone, Sophie Yelland, Kushmandinie Goonetilleke, Victoria Tuckey, Alan Radford, Rebecca Fry, Jessie Rose, Mukunder Patel, Hugh Cutler, Kate Blethyn, Jeremy Whittles, Paul Stevens, Rebecca Sands, Matt Taylor, Fiona Linton, Tom Blincoe, Lucy Chumas, Sarah Bates, Heidi Lightfoot, Olivia Shields, Francesca Riccio.