This page covers active trials on Wessex intensive care units. If you wish to be involved, please contact the individual for the relevant hospital from the list below.

AIRWAYS-3: A randomised trial of a supraglottic airway device vs. tracheal intubation during in-hospital cardiac arrest.

Recruiting in: Bournemouth Hospital, Poole Hospital

A2B Trial: A randomised controlled phase III trial of ɑ2 agonists vs. standard care for sedation in critical care.

Recruiting in: Poole Hospital, Southampton Hospital

CovEMERALDA feasibility study of EMDR therapy for adult survivors of Covid-19-induced critical illness.

Recruiting in: Poole Hospital

GenOMICC StudyOpen-source study of genetic susceptibility to death from sepsis or other critical illness.

Recruiting in: Bournemouth Hospital, HHFT, Poole Hospital, QAH, Salisbury Hospital

GLASSheart Study: An observational study to explore the use of Global Longitudinal Strain in Septic Shock in comparison to conventional myocardial dysfunction monitoring.

Recruiting in: QAH

iRehab: A randomised controlled trial of remote multicomponent rehabilitation vs. standard care for survivors of critical illness.

Recruiting in: QAH

MARCH Trial: A randomised controlled trial to determine whether mucoactives (carbocisteine and hypertonic saline) in critically ill patients with acute respiratory failure reduce duration of mechanical ventilation.

Recruiting in: Bournemouth Hospital, HHFT, Poole Hospital, QAH

MOSAICC Trial: Evaluating the clinical and cost-effectiveness of bicarbonate administration for critically ill patients with AKI.

Recruiting in: HHFT, Poole Hospital

REMAP-CAP Trial: A randomised, embedded, multi-factorial, adaptive platform trial for Community-Acquired Pneumonia.

Recruiting in: HHFT, Poole Hospital, QAH, Salisbury Hospital

SQUEEZE Study: A prospective multi-centre international observational study of postoperative vasopressor use

Recruiting in: Bournemouth Hospital, Poole Hospital

SIGNET Trial: A trial to evaluate the benefits of simvastatin given to organ donors on outcomes in organ recipients.

Recruiting in: Bournemouth Hospital

T4P Study: A prospective randomised trial to define the platelet count below which critically ill patients should receive a platelet transfusion prior to an invasive procedure.

Recruiting in: HHFT, Poole Hospital

UK-ROXA randomised trial comparing conservative (88-92% saturations target) vs. standard care in mechanically ventilated critically ill patients.

Recruiting in: Bournemouth Hospital, HHFT, Poole Hospital, QAH, UHS

VITDALIZE Study: The effect of high-dose vitamin D3 on 28-day mortality in adult critically ill patients with severe vitamin D deficiency.

Recruiting at: Bournemouth Hospital

If you are interested in being involved in any of the above trials, please contact the research lead for the relevant hospital:

    • University Hospital Southampton – Dr. Ahilanadan Dushianthan (Dushi) –
    • Dorset County Hospital – Dr. Mark Pulletz –
    • UHD (Bournemouth ICU) – Dr. Chee –
    • UHD (Poole ICU) – Dr. Reschreiter –
    • HHFT – Dr. Evetts –
    • QAH – Dr. Pogson –
    • Salisbury Hospital – Dr. Couzens –