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National Ventilation Survey

Mechanical ventilation is a common intervention used in intensive care units across the UK. SPARC are conducting a national survey of ICU consultants assessing how mechanically ventilated patients are currently being managed in the UK.

Through this survey we aim to gather information about different strategies used on ICUs across the UK, with the hope that this will provide important insight about areas of management the intensive community has settled on, and where variation in practice still exists across the UK.  All of the specialist and general intensive care unit consultants are invited to participate.

The aims of the survey are:

  1. To assess current practice in initiating, and managing, mechanically ventilated patients including ventilatory modes, weaning, recruitment manoeuvres and approaches used during the post-extubation period.
  2. To determine the use of specific guidelines/protocols/pathways in units across the UK.
  3. To determine management strategies including sedation, paralysis, proning, fluid balance and pharmacological strategies adopted to treat mechanically ventilated patients.
  4. To assess the post discharge approach and any specific rehabilitation programmes offered in different units.
  5. To assess different units’ involvement of patients in clinical trials.

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If you are are Critical Care Consultant interested in taking part, please scan the QR code above or click here for the link to go to the survey.